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10 Best Projector Under $150 in 2023 [Updated] – Reviews

Do you think it’s time to upgrade your watching experience from regular television to a large screen?

Well, if that’s the case, you have landed at the right place. Buying a projector under a budget is an excellent option for anyone planning to put the device for personal use. The good news is, you can buy projectors as low as under $100.

But, If you want a projector for professional purposes like business meetings, presentations, and conferences, we suggest looking for a 4K or advanced UHD piece. But these projectors goes as high as under $2000 on their price tags,

But if you are tight on budget, don’t worry; we have found some of the most value-for-money projectors for you, which will make your viewing experience no less than a feast at a price as low as 150 bucks.

To be honest, there is no shortage of good-quality mini projectors in the market today, and you can get a decent unit even under $200. However, with so many options in the market, your experience of choosing the most appropriate one could be baffling. Here’s what you can do- go through the small buying guide we have laid down for you and examine the best mini projectors under $150 to dredge out your perfect match. Do not forget to read the pros and cons before making a judicious purchase. Say, if you want a projector for gaming, you need to check its refresh rate and other aspects appropriate for gaming.

So, why delay then? Let’s start!

If you don’t have time for an in-depth analysis, here are the quick picks for you:

10 Best Projector Under $150 (2023) – Reviews

Let’s explore in detail why these projector stand best under $150:

S.No.Top 10 ProductsBuy Now
1.BOMAKER WiFi Mini ProjectorBuy Now
2.GooDee Mini ProjectorBuy Now
3.VANKYO Leisure 470 Mini WiFi ProjectorBuy Now
4.Jinhoo Mini ProjectorBuy Now
5.DBPOWER Mini Projector Buy Now
6.APEMAN 720P Portable Projector Buy Now
7.MVV 1080P Mini Projector Buy Now
8.QKK Mini Projector Buy Now
9.COOAU Portable Outdoor ProjectorBuy Now
10.MEGAWISE 1080P Mini ProjectorBuy Now


Key Features

  • Display: LCD
  • Brightness: 2600 Lux
  • Max Screen Size: 35 inches to
    <> 250 inches
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Throw Distance:  2 meters
  • Resolution: Native 1280*720p, and supports 1080p
  • Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours

Featuring a mini, portable design and input lag as low as 25-35 ms, this projector is everything one can ask for. Not only will you be able to play your favorite games but also stream movies directly without any audio/video latency. The best part about this model is that you don’t need any wire to connect it to wifi; experience wireless connection anytime, anywhere.

Coming to the lamp life of this device, it’s 1,00,000 hours. Yes, you read it right! Project a screen of size anywhere between 32-176 inches from a distance of 1.5 to 5m. Do not get fooled by its mobile size; Bomaker mini Wifi can deliver 1280X720 resolution, which means there will be no more blurry texts and pictures anymore. Finally, the connectivity. You can connect this projector to your laptop, mobile, TV box, soundbars, etc. The set also comes with an inbuilt HiFi stereo speaker, so there is no need to connect an external speaker. Isn’t that awesome?

  • High 1280x800p resolution
  • Could be used for outdoor watching as well
  • Low input lag
  • Offers uniform brightness at all times
  • High lamp life of 100000 hours
  • Low 200 lumens brightness

2.GooDee Mini Projector

Key Features

  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Brand: GooDee
  • Wattage: 60 watts
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • Item Weight: 2.20 lbs
  • Item Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.3 x 3 inches

Being flexible with almost all devices like TV boxes, SD cards, laptops, DVD /VCD players, etc., this projector will not have any problem being compatible with any of your devices. It offers an incredible 1920x1080p resolution, which will help you in watching movies and playing games with utmost clarity. The affordable price of this unit makes it a steal deal, and you will fall in love with how compact it is, which makes it easy to carry around.

GooDee mini projector will make you forget the hassle of noisy models and connect to wifi wirelessly. Setting it up is a cakewalk as it has an adjustable zoom feature controlled by a remote and a +/-15° keystone correction to help you adjust the screen. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio, your picture will be detailed so that you can use it for theatre, gaming, business, or any other purpose you may require.

  • Weighs only 2.2 Pounds
  • HDMI connectivity
  • +/-15 keystone correction
  • 1920x1080p resolution
  • In-built speaker
  • Cannot be used for presentation as it works the best in a dark environment only

3.VANKYO Leisure 470 Mini WiFi Projector

Key Features

  • Projector Type: HD
  • Chipset: LED
  • Maximum Projection Distance: 26.57 ft
  • Lamp Life: 50000 hr
  • Resolution: 1080 pixel
  • Aspect Ratio: 3500 : 1
  • Maximum Brightness: 4000 lumen

With 1080p resolution and 4000 lumens brightness rating, this projector will let you watch movies and play games in full HD. Coming with a +/-15° Keystone resolution, it is highly intuitive and easy to set up. Supporting a display size of 250″, this model supports a TV stick, Ps4, HDMI, TF, AV, VGA, and much more. With the built-in Hifi stereo speaker, you can enjoy excellent audio quality anytime and also connect an external speaker with an AUX cable if needed.

Having a life of 50000 hours, there isn’t much you might ask for other than what this projector already offers. It lets you connect directly to a laptop or smartphone (both android and iOS) using a USB cable and mirrors the content efficiently. With wireless wifi connectivity, enjoy a smooth cinema-like experience outdoors or indoors with your friends and family.

  • Convenient wifi connectivity
  • Supports 1920×1080 resolution
  • 50000 hours of lamp life
  • Inbuilt 3W speaker
  • Amazing viewing size up to 250
  • Low contrast ratio of 3500:1

4.Jinhoo Mini Projector

Key Features

  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB
  • Controller Type: Vera, Ios, Android
  • Display resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Minimum Throw Distance: 4.9 Feet
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Item Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.9 x 3.1 inches

With a combination of 6500 image lux and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, this projector also offers a display resolution of 1280×720, which means your picture is anything but blurry. What catches our attention the most about this model is the ease of connectivity it offers. You can directly connect it with your smartphone using a USB cable. Advertised as the first wifi projector, the connection provided is much more stable in this model. You can use it for all your indoor and outdoor requirements and need not bother about connecting an external audio system as it has an in-built speaker that will cater to all your needs.

With all the high-end features, one might take this projector as one that is difficult to install, but that’s not the case at all. Using +/-15° keystone correction and delivering a projection size anywhere between 32 to 176 inches, setting it up is highly convenient. The LED source light of this model extends up to 55000 hours which means it will accompany you for a long-long time and make your experience smoother and uninterrupted than ever.

  • Perfect for dim-light surroundings
  • Technical support could have opted at any point in time
  • Supports 1920x1080p resolution
  • Adjustable keystone
  • Weighs only 3.9 pounds
  • You will need to connect your device with an HDMI port to play Netflix and other streaming platforms

5.DBPOWER Mini Projector

Key Features

  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount, Tripod Mount
  • Brightness: 6000 Lumen
  • Display resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • Item Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.9 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.30 lbs

Supporting full HD 1080 resolution and a combination of 6000 lines of brightness with a 3000:1 contrast ratio, you will have a premium viewing experience with this set. Since this projector has a lamp life of 50000 hours, it’s going to keep delivering terrific performance for a long time. Featuring a Six layer LCD, the image conveyed is sharp and free from the rainbow effect. With adjustable keystone correction off+/-15°, setting up this device is extremely easy even for first-time users.

Ordinary projectors are coupled with annoying fan noises and frequent heating, which hampers the overall watching experience of the user, but be relieved, this projector is far from any of these hassles. It features a unique heat dispersion mechanism and a dual-fan cooling feature to keep any annoyance away. You also do not need to connect an external audio system as the projector comes with built-in 3W stereo speakers to fulfill your regular requirement.

  • 6000 lumens brightness rating
  • 3W dual speaker inbuilt
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes packed with necessary accessories
  • +/-15°keystone correction
  • HDMI adapter not included

6.APEMAN 720P Portable Projector

Key Features

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Brightness: 50 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Projection Size: 30 to 100 inches

First, the Apeman portable projector features high connectivity and can project a screen of size anywhere between 30″ to 200″. Delivering a brightness rated at 6000 lumens, it will offer a fantastic experience outdoors and well-lit rooms. The LED projector has 2 cooling fans, which makes the cooling process much more efficient and faster than the typical one fan devices.

You are also offered a dual built-in speaker, which is strong enough to fulfill your indoor requirements. In case you want louder audio, connecting an external speaker is easy. The LED bulb is built to save 70% of the power, and a lamp life of 50000 hours will accompany you a long way. Have doubts? Well, the technical customer service at Apeman is highly commendable, and you can reach out anytime.

  • Inbuilt dual stereo speaker
  • 50000 hours of lamp life
  • Shows no rainbow effect
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers good connectivity with a myriad of devices
  • Low native 720p resolution

7.MVV 1080P Mini Projector

Key Features

  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB
  • Display resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 1920 x 1080
  • Maximum Image Size: 100 Inches
  • Item Weight: ‎4.22 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 10.24 x 9.88 x 6.65 inches

Featuring a brightness rated at 180 ANSI, this projector uses an upgraded wifi technology that makes the synching more realistic, easy and quick. Including a 100″ projector screen, this model works best in both indoor and outdoor conditions without straining your eyes. Not only can you connect it to the Wifi easily, but USB connectivity is smoother than ever, and you just need to synchronize your mobile or laptop directly to the projector and mirror the screen, using a USB cable only.

When used in a smaller place, the inbuilt speaker is sufficient to deliver a crisp and loud enough sound quality; however, you can connect an external speaker anytime you want—ever heard of “maximum bang out of the buck”? This is exactly what the saying means, and you get so many features packed without spending a fortune which makes this device an absolute win deal.

  • High brightness
  • Includes 100″ projection screen
  • Easy Wifi connectivity
  • Offers inbuilt speakers
  • Good 60000 hours of lamp life
  • Might get heated with continuous use

8.QKK Mini Projector

Key Features

  • Brightness: 6500Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Max Support Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Diaplay Size: 30″-170″
  • Item Weight: ‎4.31 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: ‎9.69 x 9.33 x 6.34 inches
  • Output Wattage: ‎50 Watts

If you are looking for a projector that will work well in a well-lit space, say outdoors, this one might be the best choice for you as it has a brightness rating of 6500 lumens. Supporting an image resolution of 1080 p, it will deliver prominent sharp images every time. Stressing over connectivity? Well, this model can easily connect with laptops, smartphones, media players, hard disks, USB drives, etc., which means you can leave your worries away at this moment.

Featuring a 50000 hours lamp life, you will not have to replace the lamp anytime soon. Play video games, movies or connect them with your TV stick to enjoy your favorite shows. This projector also comes packed with all the necessary accessories like remote control, HDMI and AV cable, etc., so you won’t have to splurge on anything after the purchase.

  • Built-in dual speaker
  • Comes packed with all the necessary accessories
  • Supports smartphone connection
  • High 50000 hours lamp life
  • Amazing 6500 lumens brightness
  • Has a low 2000:1 contrast ratio

9.COOAU Portable Outdoor Projector

Key Features

  • Connectivity Technology: VGA, USB, HDMI, MHL
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Lumens: 5500
  • Projection Size: 45-200 inch
  • Projection Distance: 4.6ft-18.7ft

A brightness rating of 5500 lumens at this price range sets this model apart from the rest. With a native 1080×720 resolution, the images projected will be more apparent than ever, and you will be able to enjoy a cinema-like experience anywhere. This device also boasts 30%-40% less noise than all the other projectors available out there. Since it has a timer shut down feature that enables auto turning off when left unattended for a set period, you don’t have to worry about the projector playing the entire night, even after you sleep off.

This piece has a lamp life of 70000 hours which isn’t quite common in mini projectors, to be honest. Since it has a unique cooling technology, the lamp is protected from overheating with extended use. With this model, you will project an image 45″-200″ long from a distance of 4.6ft to 18.7ft.

  • HDMI connectivity
  • High 5500 lumens brightness rating
  • Advance cooling technology
  • Protection from overheating
  • Friendly customer service support
  • Low contrast ratio of 4000:1

10.MEGAWISE 1080P Mini Projector

Key Features

  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB, HDMI
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount
  • Wattage: 5 watt hours
  • Brightness: 6000 Lumen
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3\16:9
  • Native Resolution: 1280x720p
  • Supported Resolution: 1920x1080p

Megawise mini projector is designed to deliver a ” true to life” experience to you. With a 3600 lumens brightness rating, it will serve both indoor and outdoor purposes. Featuring an advanced cooling feature due to a thicker heat pipe and noise suspension technology using a big vortex fan, it is a lot different from the regular noise-making projectors you have come across. Though it is highly portable and compact, it can project a screen as large as 200″ to make the most of your motorized projector screen. This model features an LCD image technology which means there are no chances of a rainbow effect.

Coming to the installation process, setting this piece up is a child’s play. Just connect the cord to a power socket, and you are good to go. The easy-to-navigate menu and IR remote control add up to the convenience, and you won’t have to fiddle around at all to learn how to use it.

  • Supports 1920x1080p resolution
  • Features +/-15° keystone correction
  • Massive lamp life of 50000 hours
  • High 6000 lumens brightness
  • 3.31 pounds portable and lightweight
  • The contrast ratio of 3000:1 is a hot low and would not be able to deliver detailed texts

Things to Consider while Buying Projector Under $150: Buying Guide

As we have reviewed the top 10 projectors under $150, it time to consider the important aspects one must take account into, before finalizing an ideal projector:

Laser, LED or Lamp

The light source of a projector affects its brightness. Projectors with lamp need replacement after few years which is a cost-intensive affair. Look for a projector with maximum lamp-life to cut on the cost. Projectors with laser or LED have a higher lifespan of 20,000 or more.


The ANSI lumen rating determines if the projector will be able to project vibrant images or not. For home theatre, projectors having ANSI lumens of more than 1000 are sufficient to work in dark environments. If you are looking for a projector in well-lit conditions, it should have lumen between 3000 – 4000.

Display Resolution

A projector having a display resolution of 1920x1080p with the ability to display 1080p is preferred to receive a clear picture capturing the details. Both DLP and LCD projectors come with a fixed number of projectors.


There are many projectors under %150 which come with an HDMI input source along with audio inputs. It is recommended to connect the projector with an external speaker to derive an exemplary experience. Make sure that the projector you are buying has all the required input connections.


If you are a frequent traveller, you need a projector with good portability, Generally, the projectors that are light in weight and quick to set up are considered portable. There are many ‘pico’ projectors available in the market to ensure their transportation with ease.

Contrast Ratio

The ratio between the darkest pixels and the white pixels are defined as the contrast ratio. The higher the contrast ratio, the high the images shall be vibrant. Even if a project boasts commendable lumens, if the contrast ratio is fairly low, the images shall be washed out. While most of the project comes with a contrast ratio of 4:3, fetching a contrast ratio of 16:9 is excellent at this price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cheap Projectors worth it?

You can fetch a worthy projector that lies strictly in your budget and yet solve your purpose of projecting images and videos as required. You cannot expect excellent picture quality from the budgeted projectors. However, for novice users, it is not a bad idea to invest in cheap projectors.

How can I make a cheap projector better?

Even a cheap projector can live up to your expectations if you use it in a dark environment by pulling down your room’s curtains and switching off the lights. Use a small screen to avoid any image blurring. Clean the dust over the lens, if the projector is kept for a longer time.

What is a good amount of lumens for a projector?

Ideally, lumens of 2000 to 4000 are considered ideal for quality image delivery and to work in a well-lit environment. Larger the screen, the higher the brightness you require to project the clearer images.


As there are ample models to fit into your budget, choosing the best one solely depends on your preferences and requirements. Say, if you need a projector for an ambient lighting environment, you must consider the lumens and contrast ratio to make it up to the mark. Each projector has its own sets of advantages. Hence, you can decide on an ideal projector by considering if it qualifies your laid parameters or not. Certainly, all the projectors produce decent image quality and thus are a wonderful source of entertainment even in such tight budgets.

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