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10 Best Projectors under $200 in 2023 [Updated] – Buying Guide

Relying on a big-screen TV for a large gathering could be a mistake. Especially when you are looking for ultimate fun with your buddies, only a projector can suffice your exemplary large-screen football match fun. The surging demand from projectors justifies its ultimate cinematic experience. As these projectors come with versatile connectivity, watching Netflix using your projector and mobile is common to replace the need of buying an expensive TV.

Who wants to invest a fortune in buying a TV, when you can enjoy a home theatre at the fraction of its cost with a reliable projector? You can fetch basic projectors under $100 with basic features. As you uplift your budget by just $50, you can find plenty of options for projectors under $150 with better features.

If you are looking for a budgeted projector with upscale features from basic projectors under $100 and $150, this article is for you!

Our team has made extensive research in identifying the best projectors under $200 which are capable to deliver all the fun without pinching much to your pocket.

Let’s take a quick snap-shot of best projectors on our list

10 Best Projector under $200: Reviews

Here we go with hand-picked best projectors under $200 with their detailed reviews:

S.NoTop 10 ProductsBuy Now
1.Lumen 1080P HD ProjectorBuy Now
2.GooDee HD Video Projector Buy Now
3.APEMAN Native 1920x1080P HD Portable ProjectorBuy Now
4.AKASO Pocket-Sized DLP Portable ProjectorBuy Now
5.Native 1080P ProjectorBuy Now
6.Crenova 6800 Lux Home Movie ProjectorBuy Now
7.Bomaker 4K Supported Outdoor Movie Projector
Buy Now
8.YABER Y21 1920 x 1080P ProjectorBuy Now
9.AODIN AirGo Pico ProjectorBuy Now
10.QKK Mini Projector Buy Now

1.FANGOR 6500 HD Projector

Key Features

  • Comes with a remote control
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Provided with tripod mount
  • 1920 X 1080 resolution
  • Versatile projector with higher connectivity with multiple devices

This impressive projector by FANGOR comes with the latest configurations like Bluetooth, Wi-fi connectivity, 1920×1080 resolution and a contrast ratio of 5000:1. This project is promising when it comes to superb image quality and vivid image projection. You can easily link it to any Bluetooth speaker to turn into a vibrant home theatre.

Moreover, using a Wi-fi connection you can easily connect this outdoor projector with your smartphone. The impressive screen size covered by this projector stands at 230 “ or 19’  to make it an appropriate choice for neighbourhood parties, backyard family gathering and most importantly, you football match get-togethers.

  • Link your smartphone device for screen monitoring wirelessly
  • 3 years of warranty with a free repair
  • Vivid image with a high contrast ratio of 5000:1
  • Appropriate for screen up to 230”
  • Comes with a native resolution of 1920×1080
  • The fan is not as quiet as expected
  • Zoom settings unavailable

2.GooDee 2020 Upgraded HD Video Projector

Key Features

  • Built-in dual speakers for clear sound
  • 6000-lumen brightness
  • 80% brighter than ordinary projectors
  • 1080P Full HD with 1280*768p native resolution
  • 2*HDMI/2*USB/VGA/AV ports
  • 5-years manufacturer warranty

With its 2 powerful speakers, GooDee offers a promising project with vivid image delivery. It comes with Hi-Fi built-in stereo speakers to elevate your movie-watching experience. The built-in fan to cool down projector is equipped with lower noise technology. It has HDMI support up to 1080p. The giant screen display size of 230 inches comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

With the optimal distance of 10 ft, you can view a 98″ screen comfortably. It is also updated with an SRS sound system, crystal listening experience and Hifi Stereo without any external speakers. 1280*768p native resolution supports vivid video quality. With the usage of innovative material to reduce noise, not only the bulb life has been increased, but it also leads to a warmer and quieter environment.

  • Clear and well-balanced sound
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Noise control technology for built-in fan
  • Pricing is on the higher side

3.APEMAN Native 1920x1080P HD Portable Projector

Key Features

  • Multiple mounting options – front, rear ceiling, rear, ceiling
  • 6000 Lumens
  • 1920x1080P native resolution
  • Contrast ratio of 7000:1
  • 40% brighter than ordinary projectors

Compared to ordinary 1080p projectors, APEMAN Native is 40% brighter with its higher resolution and high contrast ratio. You can enjoy the colourful and vivid images with this exemplary projector. High projection size up to 300 inches delivers an ultimate big-screen experience. It comes with built-in SRS speakers to amplify the sound effects.

As it is a dustproof projector with its unique optical component sealing technology, it prohibits any dust from entering its internal components. It is also equipped with 25-degree digital keystone correction. To get a square image, it comes with 100%- 75% zoom. With the lamp life of 50,000 hours, it relieves you from the hassle of replacing the lamp for a long time.

  • Dustproof and sealed optical components
  • Dual speaker and electronic keystone
  • Compatible to be connected with multiple devices
  • Vivid image with a higher contrast ratio
  • Vertical & Horizontal keystone correction
  • High projection size
  • Dolby support not available

4.AKASO Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector

Key Features

  • Contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • Comes with 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Compatibility with 32 GB TF Card
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Multi-screen sharing with multiple external connectivity

If you love to watch movies outdoor, this portable projector is the best deal for you. The high-picture contrast presents vivid images and video to elevate your movie experience. Various slots such as micro SD card, mobile devices, and flash drives are available to connect. All the distorted images are adjusted automatically with their superior keystone corrector.

This projector is easy to mount on a tripod to enjoy your movies up to 120 inches. It is a lightweight and compact projector weighing just 0.46 lb. It has a battery backup of up to 2 hours with continuous use. It is ideal for small meetings, outdoor activities and gaming time. To get the best image performance, use this projector in the darkest environment.

  • 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Comes with remote control, HDMI and USB cables
  • Lightweight, compact and highly portable
  • SRS Technology speakers with built-in stereo
  • Short-life battery
  • Average picture quality
  • Battery life is not as long as expected
  • Inferior picture quality as compared to others in the league

5.Jifar Native 1080P Projector

Key Features

  • 7500 Lumen
  • Table mount tripod mount and ceiling mount
  • Contrast ratio of 10,000:1
  • 2 built-in 5-watt speakers
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

It is one of the brightest native 1080P projectors with a contrast ratio of 10000:1. It is one of the cost-effective projectors which comes with incredible features like 6w dual HiFi Stereo speakers with SRS sound system, multi-function output, keystone correction and many more. 450” big screen gives you an incredible movie watching experience.

This projector gives a tough competition to our list of best projectors under $300 at just a budgeted price. SmarEco technology reduces lamp power consumption which helps in extending its lamp life up to 100,000 hours. The best projection distance is 3m.

  • The impressive contrast ratio for detailed and sharp images
  • Equipped with SmarEco technology
  • 450” Big Screen
  • 100000 hours lamp life
  • Zoom function to shrink the image by 50%
  • Few customers were not satisfied with its durability

6.Crenova 6800 Lux Home Movie Projector

Key Features

  • 7000:1 contrast ratio
  • LED light source
  • Supports Dolby audio decoding
  • 50% manual zoom
  • 60,000-hour lamp life
  • Provided with a remote control

You can expect better image quality when compared to its price with this projector. It comes with adequate colour accuracy and gives you an option to tweak settings. It is a great choice for movie streaming TV shows and movies. If you are a casual player, it is a solid choice for you.

The speakers available are capable to fill a small or medium room. If you want to fit it into a big room, external speakers are required. It is the best-budgeted projector on the list with well-rounded performance. If you are looking for a big screen on a limited budget, it is an ideal choice.

  • Ideal for darkest environments
  • Add warm tones to images
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lifetime professional customer services
  • 12-months manufacturer warranty
  • Images turn dim in a well-lit room

7.Bomaker 4K Supported Outdoor Movie Projector

Key Features

  • One-click to brighten with 6D keystone correction
  • Full HD 4K Video supported
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 4X more details than 720P projectors
  • ±50% screen zooming

This efficient projector can stream full HD content on a huge 300-inch screen. This advanced projector has 6D X/Y Keystone Correction and a one-click brighten function. Even if mounted on the ceiling, it comes with a remote for easy operations. It quickly adjusts to any environment and eligible for flexible placements with its ±50% screen zooming.

Enjoy an exemplary home theatre experience with this giant 300″ screen-sized projector. It comes with 1920*1080 native resolution and assure 4 times more details than an average 720P projectors. It also has wide compatibility with USB interface, VGA, HDMI and AV.

  • 7200 lumens
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full HD native resolution
  • 10000:1 contrast ratio
  • Built-in speakers are inferior
  • Fan noise is noticeable

8.YABER Y21 1920 x 1080P Projector

Key Features

  • Supports zoom and 4K
  • High refraction 6 layers glassed lens
  • ± 50 ° 4D (vertical & horizontal) keystone correction
  • 5w Dual Stereo speakers with SRS sound system
  • 50″ to 300″ projection size
  • 6-month money back and 3-year repair warranty

This promising project offers detailed bright images without any downscaling or compression with its remarkable 7200 lumens. The real native resolution at 1920*1080 with 4K support offer four times higher images than any ordinary 720p projector. It adopts standard projection image always at the same projection distance upon zooming in or out.

Ti comes with an advanced cooling system with 3 fans running simultaneously. Two built-in 5 W speakers justify its commendable audio quality. It comes with a power cable, VGA cable, AV cable, Projector lens cover, lens cloth, user manual and remote control. Overall, it is a worthy projector with a German light source, delicate manufacturing process and high-quality materials.

  • Excellent outdoor projector
  • Equipped with HDMI port
  • Commendable contrast ratio of 10000:1
  • High 7800 lumen
  • Silent cooling system
  • 100000 hours of lamp life
  • Few users’ complaints about blurriness

9.AODIN AirGo Pico Projector

Key Features

  • Sleek and compact design
  • USB, HDMI, AV, and Micro SD port
  • Big screen projection from 30-120 inches
  • 4000 mAh internal rechargeable battery
  • POwerbank mode to recharge your smartphone

This compact projector is perfect for small gatherings and an immersive gaming experience to make it one of the best projectors for gaming. With a high contrast ratio of 2000:1, the ideal projection distance for this impeccable projector stands at 5 feet. It comes with an automatic keystone adjustment to ensure a smooth display. You can watch movies for up to 2 hours continuously without any charging with its powerful rechargeable battery. It is a highly portable projector being equivalent to iPhone X in size.

With different input ports like USB, Headphone Jack, Micro SD and HDMI, this versatile projector can be quickly used with any of your multimedia devices. You can also connect it wirelessly by using its Wi-fi feature. The projection size varying between 30 – 120 inches is fairly good.

  • Tripod mounting
  • Equipped with DLP technology
  • 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Built-in Wi-fi
  • Auto-correction keystone
  • Not suitable for teaching and business presentation

10.QKK Mini Projector


Key Features

  • 4500 lumens brightness
  • 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Largest display at 170 inches
  • Dual built-in speakers
  • Great customer servicing

With the promising brightness and commendable image display quality, this portable projector efficiently meets your home theatre needs. It is compatible with USB/SD/HDMI/AV to ensure connectivity with various multi-media devices. The contract ratio of 2000:1 ensures great picture quality. It is claimed to offer 4500 lumens brightness to deliver an impeccable experience at outdoor projection.

Equipped with a dual cooling system, it dissipates the heat faster to avoid overheating. You can seamlessly enjoy your much-awaited movie sessions with no unwanted sound intervention. It projects LED as a light source to protect your eyes from strain. The recommended projection is at 120 inches in a dark environment.

  • Large screen projection up to 170 inches
  • 50,000 hours of lamp life
  • 3 years money-back guarantee
  • Easy controls through remote
  • Advanced LCD with LED light source
  • Bluetooth technology is missing

Buying Guide: What to expect from the Best Projector under $200?

With a plethora of options available, most of us are likely to go with the cheapest projectors, if not equipped with the right knowledge on what to expect from the best projector under $200. The pricing of any projector is determined by the associated features. Higher the pricing, you could expect better features.

However, if you are looking for the best projector under $200, here are some of the features you must check to conclude the best one for you:

Keystone correction

If you are going to set up your projector over the ceiling or any surface below the screen, keystone correction is an important aspect to consider to adjust the picture projection perfectly. Using keystone correction, you can ensure a clear and defined picture by placing your projector anywhere in the room


The level of brightness you should opt for largely depends on your surroundings. For dark environments, a projector with 1000 lumens is sufficient and higher brightness leads to excessive strain on your eyes. If you are going to use it in a well-lit room, 4000+ lumens is expected.


You need to choose a versatile projector under $200 that is compatible with all/most of your multi-media devices – smartphones, Fire TV sticks, Laptops, Xbox, PS4 etc to derive maximum out of it. Buying a projector limited to certain device compatibility does not make sense when you have better options available.


For high definition gaming experience or immersive home theatre experience, a projector must have a high resolution. As most of the projectors come with the fixed resolutions irrespective of their input resolution, choosing the projector with a higher resolution is the best way to get the best picture quality. Choose the best motorized projector screen instead of a plain wall to derive an awesome experience.


Projectors with HDMI compatibility are considered best for awesome sound and picture quality. While VGA or RCA is still prevalent in many projectors but it does not deliver results at par with HDMI connectivity.


The difference between the lightest and the darkest colour pixel is defined as a contrast. Higher the contrast ratio, the better the picture clarity. Choose a projector with high contrast ratio to get better picture quality with higher clarity.

Throw Distance

Throw distance refers to the distance between the projector and screen. For outside use, you need a projector with a higher throw distance. Take appropriate measurements of the space where you are going to use your projector to determine the required throw distance.

Bulb Life

The replacement of the bulb comes with an additional cost of $50 to $80. To minimize the maintenance cost of your projector, look for a projector with higher bulb life. You can expect bulb life up to 50,000 hours for the best projectors under $200.


Higher the warranty, lower shall be maintenance cost. A higher warranty also vouches for the supreme quality of a product and manufacturer trust. Choose a projector with the longest warranty, even if you are required to pay slightly extra for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a projector for everyday TV watching?

Yes, you can easily use the projector for everyday TV watching. The only downside is the faster depreciation of bulb battery life which is limited to certain specified hours. However, using the projector for everyday TV watching ultimately elevates your experience at a lower price point.

How long does a projector last?

While the older projectors were expected to last between 1000-2000 hours, the newer projectors are designed to last from 2000 to 4000 hours of operations. The expected lifespan of projectors under $200 is between 3 to 5 years depending on the type of environment it works and how long and continuously you are using your projector.

What does an LCD projector stand for?

Stand as Liquid Crystal Display, LCD projectors sends light from metal-hand lamp through the series of dichroic filters or prism which separate lights to generally three polysilicon panels – blue, red and green. These are more light efficient projects than DLP. These projects are capable of providing defined and clearer even in a well-lit brighter room. The images are sharper to elevate your video watching experience.

Which is better DLP or LCD projector?

DLP projectors are generally loaded with more pixels as they have more in-built mirrors. Hence the videos and images presented by DLP are in higher definition.


With ample choices available for the best projectors under $200, your choice for ideal projector depends on media types a projector is compatible with, throw distance, resolution and brightness as considerations. Fetching an excellent projector at affordable prices is possible today with advancing technologies. But to make a suitable choice, it is important to have a detailed idea about your preferences and requirements.

A gaming projector should have a low input lag while projector for bright rooms should have higher lumens.

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