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7 Best Projectors for Bright Room 2023 [Updated]: Reviews

Who thought watching movies and playing games could be this fun? A projector with high-quality screens and a theatre experience is a device capable of illuminating any picture or video provided through an input onto a light-colored wall, board or projector screen.

Whether you seek a projector for conference room or for your intense gaming warships, it is important that it should withstand with the ambient lightings without fading away images.

Best projector for bright rooms is one known to brag about its amazing features of commendable brightness level and uncompromised quality and color of projected images or videos. Below are some projectors which I feel are sure to meet the aforementioned criteria and even more with their exceptional performance in well-lit rooms. Check them out!

Top 7 Best Projector for Bright Room – Reviews

Here is a list of the best projectors for bright rooms in 2021, with written specifications of each device:

S.No.Top 10 ProductsBuy Now
1.Epson Pro EX7260 ProjectorBuy Now
2.ViewSonic 1080p Projector (PX701HD)Buy Now
3.BenQ TH585 Projector Buy Now
4.Epson EX5260 3,600 lumens Projector Buy Now
5.BenQ MH733 Projector Buy Now
6.Optoma Short Throw 1080P EH412ST Buy Now
7.Epson PowerLite Portable Projector Buy Now

1.Epson Pro EX7260 Projector

Key Features

  • WXGA resolution 1280 x 800
  • Compatible with a varied number of devices
  • Wireless and does not overheat
  • Includes Power cable, USB cable and a computer cable with it
  • Quiet with its operations

Being the best projector for ambient light, it has more advanced features, a brighter display, and a wider range of connection. At this moment, the Epson Pro EX7260 is all one could want: light, sharp, and bright. It has an in-built little speaker, which aids in providing sufficient volume to presentations held in small rooms as and when compared to other projectors with no feature of speaker or presence of connection issues.

When it comes to choosing the best projector for bright rooms, lumens and brightness are two things to consider, with WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) perfect for widescreen laptops.

It is compatible to work and connect with a plethora of options, from a tablet, mobile, gaming console, firestick to a DVD player, digital camera, Roku, Chromecast.

Weighing 5.5 pounds, this is a wireless device with a great colour rendition that allows you to work from any location in the room. Even in well-lit settings, the colour is more realistic and bright. It contains a projector remote control accompanied with AA batteries, CD and documentation, etc. Add it to the bag now!

  • 3600 lumens Color and high white brightness
  • WXGA – 2x more resolution than SVGA
  • Quick wireless connectivity support
  • Compatible with every device
  • Presence of QR code for easy wireless setup
  • Delay in the audio while streaming video
  • An extra USB connector is required for the wireless functions.
  • The projector has an audio flaw that causes the sound to crack.

Customer thoughts: Customers like this product because of the appropriate brightness and colour rendition in the well-lit rooms it provides. Their devices can be used to set up the wireless connection, which allows them to use the device effectively.

Rating: 4.5/5

2.View Sonic 1080p Projector (PX701HD)

Key Features

  • 3000-degree projection availability
  • Higher view time with the presence of Super Eco mode
  • 3500 lumens brightness for perfect picture quality
  • Full HD with a view of 1920x1080p

The View Sonic PX701HD 1080p Projector is one of the most popular projectors available today with a 3000-degree projection with well-saturated and vibrant images and a game mode to substantially increase the refresh rate. It has a vertical keystone for image correction in case of distortion or differed positioning unlike other projectors with delayed audio and distorted image quality.

It is the best projector for a living room, not because of its style, but because of its immersive theatre-like hues in Full HD (1920x1080p) on a screen up to 300 inches, with 3500 lumens brightness for projection in both bright and gloomy surroundings and Cinematic colors.

The lamp’s Super Eco mode lets it light brightly for up to 20,000 hours, giving you an average of 5 hours of viewing time per day for a period of more than ten years. With numerous inputs and outputs, one is sure to not face any issues with connection. Buy now and see for yourself!

  • Luminous enough to cast a large, non-fading image
  • Low input lag allows gamers to react quickly.
  • Dynamic connectivity
  • Adaptable to work with a variety of platforms
  • Supports 3D technology
  • Input resolution is limited to 1,920 by 1,200
  • Off targeted colours due to default settings in every photo mode

Customer thoughts: Customers are pleased with their purchase of this product, as the projector is ideally suited for the living room, with a theatre-like brilliant colour picture and 3500 lumens white brightness. With a low input lag, gamers find it a very charming option.

Rating: 4.6/5

3.BenQ TH585 Projector

Key Features

  • In-built speakers
  • 1080p resolution
  • Single DLP chip
  • The image quality of 1200 pixels along with projector life of up to 15,000 hours

BenQ is one of the best Projectors for Home Entertainment with low latent ability. For the finest gaming experiences in a well-lit area, 1080p Full HD image quality with 3500 ANSI lumen BenQ TH585 is preferred over any other projector.

The TH585 is based on a single DLP chip with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,200 pixels, giving it a native resolution of 1080p. It does not have ARC HDMI but supports pen drives. It requires 3D videos and sunglasses to play 3D content and is unsuitable to use in broad daylight.

Its low latency and quick reaction provide ultra-smooth gaming experiences, and its built-in 10-watt speakers are ideal for gaming, movies, and television.

For rigorous gaming, until next-gen consoles come, Lamp Save mode extends projector light life up to 15,000 hours. It comes with an Amazon Fire TV stick that helps watch Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, Sony LIV and other such platforms at the comfort of your home. Check out now!

  • Sharp and bright in any light
  • Picture flexibility
  • High contrast ratio
  • low latency
  • ultra-bright image
  • audio output is lower
  • unhandy
  • no Bluetooth connectivity

Customer thoughts: The TH585 met the needs of any consumer who wanted a home entertainment projector that could handle a wide range of tasks, from gaming to Netflix and chilling, providing a power pack performance and entertainment to them.

Rating: 4.5/5

4.Epson EX5260 3,600 lumens Projector

Key Features

  • XGA screen resolution
  • 3600 lumens
  • Wireless projector

Epson EX5260 is the best projector for high ambient light. It is a Reliable, Wireless Portable Projector for Bright, Clear Presentations. It has colours that are more accurate and vivid, with 3,600 lumens of color/white brightness when compared with other projectors under the same price range.

XGA Resolution (1024 x 768) for clean and plenty of text presentation, also supports wireless connectivity, easy to set up, and QR scan ready. The content can be projected thanks to the USB plug-and-play option quickly.

Epson EX5260 projector has a 3x higher colour brightness and a 3x broader color Gamut4 than DLP projectors, resulting in remarkable colour accuracy.

  • vibrant colours
  • 3LCD projection
  • Ideal for a comprehensive presentation
  • 1.5x more resolution than SVGA
  • Wireless
  • Need of additional adaptor
  • Low audio issue

Customer thoughts: Many customers are dissatisfied with this device since the audio problem persists despite the fact that the display image quality is excellent, and it requires an additional part to use the wireless functionality, which costs them $100.

Rating: 4.4/5

5.BenQ MH733 Projector

Key Features

  • 4000 lumens
  • Full HD quality
  • Glass lenses characterized with low-dispersion
  • Presence of Smart Eco mode and Anti-dust Sensor

The BenQ MH733, often known as the business projector for a lighted room with 4000 Lumens, Full HD (1920×1080) and 16,000:1 contrast ratio.

The MH733 ensures outstanding clarity and long-term image quality. Its low-dispersion glass lenses show content and colour in sharp detail. SmartEco Mode and the Anti-Dust Sensor help to extend the device’s life and lower maintenance costs. It is capable of reversing images for rear projection which undoubtedly any other projector might lack making it a go-with option.

It is ideal for use because of the USB reader, QCast APP compatibility, network projection, and optional USB wireless dongles. Lamp save mode extends the lamp life to 15,000 hours. Buy it now!

  • Best for business use
  • Excellent image quality
  • Flexible
  • Easy to set up
  • Various presentation solutions
  • Quick warm uptime
  • No timer for a quick turn on and off
  • No Wi-Fi capabilities, signal issues
  • Unstoppable beeping resulting in the blackout
  • Overheating of the device

Customer thoughts: The MH733 reviews are excellent, and all of the customers are delighted with the product they purchased because it meets their needs. Everyone is now satisfied with consumers because of the good white brightness and audio output.

Rating: 4.1/5

6.Optoma Short Throw 1080P EH412ST

Key Features

  • Short throw lens
  • HDR input of 4k
  • 4000 lumens

Optoma is the projector for the lighted room. It enables one to enjoy a massive 120″ with a short-throw lens and high brightness of 4000 lumens in well-lit conferences, training, or classrooms. It does not include a rechargeable battery but comes with remote control for efficiency in performance.

The projector’s 4k HDR input produces crisper, clearer, and deeper black level images, and the brilliant colours display is one of the projector’s key features, allowing for rich, true colours.

The OptomaEH412ST offers a wide range of connecting choices to make it compatible with your motorized projector screens, and the 10-watt integrated speaker amplifies the presentation and is loud enough for a small to medium-sized room. It is also compatible with a fire stick TV. Buy it today!

  • Full 3D
  • Quick resume and direct power off
  • Lamp life of more than 15000 hour
  • Remote paired with a mouse (USB) and laser pointer
  • Build-in speaker to avoid extra cost on buying them
  • Portable- weighs less than 8 pounds
  • Digital zoom lowers the quality of the image
  • It cannot be used outdoors
  • It cannot be connected wirelessly or with Bluetooth
  • No specifications for input lag of 32 ms

Customer thoughts: Customers are thrilled to purchase such a multipurpose product; this projector significantly influences customers who purchased it by delivering exactly what they required. They all claim that the Optoma EH412ST is an all-in-one product.

Rating: 4.4/5

7.Epson PowerLite Portable Projector

Key Features

  • HD quality
  • High compatibility
  • SVGA resolution
  • 3200 lumens aids in producing sharp, colourfully beautiful images

Epson PowerLite 1781W is one of the many projectors that work in the light.

It is portable, lightweight, and ultra-slim in design. It is a widescreen, wireless projector with quick image adjustment that is ideal for travelling. Easy to set up and connect using QR code on the device.

The 3,200 lumens of white brightness for well-lit spaces produce accurate, colourful, and razor-sharp images, with 2x the resolution of SVGA for HD quality. A high-speed LAN module is included for the wireless connections. Epson PowerLite 1795F 3LCD 1080p full HD is compatible with Roku. Avail all its benefits today!

  • Colour brightness for bright and sharp images
  • White brightness for brightly lit rooms
  • Lightweight
  • Presence of digital and manual keystone
  • HDMI connection possible
  • WXGA resolution
  • It cannot be operated through a battery
  • Does not support Bluetooth
  • It cannot be connected to a television directly

Customer thoughts: The Epson Powerlite has a different customer base; this projector is best suited for business persons and travellers. Customers appraise the clarity of display by comparing them with television and not just a projected image. They have called it a magic projector with no extra hands required for setting it up.

Rating: 4.4/5

How do I choose Best Projector for Bright Room

Before selecting and purchasing the best projector, the following features shall be looked onto to obtain the best of the wide range of options available in the market:

Brightness level

While looking for the best projector for a bright room, brightness level is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Its unique light intensity calls out every projector; the higher the lumen, the brighter the projector screen. Make sure the projector you end up buying possesses higher lumens to fight the bright lights of any room, effectively making it one of the projectors that work at night.

Lamp life

For using a projector regularly, one must think about buying a projector with a lamp life higher than other competitive options available for enjoying efficiency in its working. As a fact, the lamp life of a projector can go up to 20,000 hours.

Screen resolution

Are you a gamer? Love to watch movies? Caught up with presentations? A projector with a Full HD resolution is the answer for you. As a matter of fact, a projector requires the best resolution possible for displaying sharp and clear images on big screens in varied institutions.


The connection of projectors varies with devices. While looking for a projector, easy connectivity and flexible maintenance through many ports are advisable for high band data transmission. Wireless connectivity feature helps in effective management of cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens do I need for a projector in a bright room? (H3)

Generally, 2500 lumens works well for a projector in a bright room if you have the presence of an external source of control, either curtains or blinds, to control ambient light.

Are short-throw projectors better for bright rooms? (H3)

Short throw projectors can produce a better, brighter and clearer picture as and when compared to other non-short-throw projectors.

Can you watch projectors in daylight? (H3)

Direct daylight is not preferred until you own a high-quality projector with a high lumen count, at least 3000 lumens. A simple rule, the shadier is the location; the better will be the service.

Are 3000 lumens too bright? (H3)

Brightness depends on the application and the distance of the projector. 3000 lumens is approximately 5 bulbs of 60W each, not too bright for sure.

How many lumens is a short-throw projector? (H3)

Short throw projectors are produced to work on smaller screens, generally 7 feet or less, and hence, they normally give out 3000 lumens.


With an improved quality of images along with LCD technology and quite a difference in price, projectors, in this day and age, are preferred over other appliances such as televisions. An upper hand with the screen size helps projectors in the management of space in a cost-efficient way.

With increasing popularity among society, projectors are providing the users with improved services. With outstanding quality, sound, and convenience, they are too good to go with! With the presence of many options available in the market, you can choose from hundreds and thousands of options providing spectacular features to you while initiating better eye health and vision.

What is stopping you from getting one for yourself? Let us know your preferences!

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