7 Best Projectors for Murals Artist 2023 [Updated] – Buying Guide

When you are painting large murals, there are so many things your need to take care of. From dimensions to minute detailing, maintaining the correct propositions of a massive painting is a tedious task. To ease you with the task, the mural projector is a sought-after option to go with. These projectors help in laying down the grids in the right proportions to give a quick start to your artwork.

As a budding artist, counting on a projector under $400 can help but as you progess, you need quality projectors under $600 or even higher to get desired results.

If you are looking for the best projectors for murals, you are at the right spot.

In this article, we have reviewed the best projectors for murals to equip you with the best to curate an exceptional piece of art. Most these projector range as low as under $500 to as high as under $2000. You can choose the one depending on your budget and requirements:

7 Best Projectors for Murals (2022): Reviews

S.NoTop 10 ProductsBuy Now
1.BenQ TK850i True 4K Projector Buy Now
2.LG HU80KA 4K UHD ProjectorBuy Now
3.Optoma HD39HDR Projector Buy Now
4.BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector Buy Now
5.ViewSonic True 4K UHD Projector Buy Now
6.Nebula by Anker Mars II Projector Buy Now
7.Epson 2250 Full HD 1080p Projector Buy Now

After extensive research, we have listed these projectors for murals that will become an indispensable part of your wall art regime.

1.BenQ TK850i true 4K Projector

Key Features

  • HDMI connectivity
  • 5 standardized SDR modes
  • 3000-lumen Brightness
  • The mounting type used in this projector is ‘ceiling mount’.
  • The wattage is consumed up to 350 watts.

BenQ TK850i True 4K Projector comes with an amazing value with motion clarity and sharp picture quality. The presence of both, Rec. 709 as well as DCI-P3 results in superiorly excellent colour along with solid black levels and amazing colour contrast. There are plenty of 4K motorized projector screens available to make best pair BenQ TK850i

Though the noise of the fan in normal lamp mode could have been better paired with an improved focus on aberration issues and uniformity, it is undoubtedly the best projector for murals.

The BenQ TK850i True 4K Projector comes with 5 standardized SDR modes and an additional hidden HDR10 mode that automatically operates with the detected activation of HDR contents.

These are followed by the hidden HDR10 mode with automatic saving and engagement of all the changes one makes while using this mode. Also, you can customize according to your likes and dislikes while using this mode.

  • Simple set up
  • Sharp 4K HDR content with superb HDR implementation
  • Simple yet impressive dynamic iris implementation is impressive.
  • Absence of dim delay
  • Controlled light leakage resulting in better contrast
  • Fantastic HDR Brightness
  • Outdated user interface & Input lag
  • Making corrections in the settings is still manual.

2.HU80KA 4K UHD Projector

Key Features

  • The wattage of the UHD projector is 280 watt
  • The mounting top comes with a tabletop mount
  • 2500 lumen Brightness
  • Pixels can extend up to 8.3 million

Being the best projector for painting murals, LG HU80KA is known for its mind-blowing image quality with an excellent light output of projectors of the same size and range. HU80KA comes with an easily accessible and well-thought set of controls and features to give the perfect experience to its users.

With an ultra HD 4K resolution with 2500 lumens brightness, this, undoubtedly, comes out as one of the best projectors for murals. LG HU80KA presents itself with a screen size of up to 150″ paired with a built-in PSU with an impressive power supply of 100-240V.

It is light and portable. The hardware interface of this projector comes in handy with Bluetooth features. It has HDR support, which, like most of the projectors, fails to work effectively due to an inability to address individual pixels.

The LG HU80KA 4K UHD laser smart projector is characterized with a minimum input lag of 71ms with the considerable presence of characteristics like true motion turned off, refresh rate, etc. The projector has a wide-angle screen capability with 1.0x and 1.2x zoom, giving an expected aspect ratio of 16:9.

  • Versatile setup process
  • Wireless screen shareability
  • 2500 lumens brightness
  • Built-in stereo
  • Light and portable
  • Extremely silent
  • It is highly expensive.
  • This projector cannot have any substitute for any external system.

3.OPTOMA HD39HDR Projector

Key Features

  • 120 Hertz Refresh rate
  • 4000 lumens brightness
  • It can also be hung on the wall
  • Ideal for home theatre and gaming
  • HDMI hardware interface

Optoma HD39HDR Projector is called out for its noticeable brightness, clarity, and quietness with its operation. Being HDR compatible with the presence of HDR10 technology, the HD39HDR projector by Optoma has a 4K input. This helps in the display of deeper blacks and whiter whites, resulting in a satisfied consumer provided with an enhanced viewing experience. It is an ideal mural projector for bright rooms.

Switching up screens between light and dark is never a tiresome process; it is as spectacular as Optoma HD39HD is an option to go with. It does not end up losing colour; neither it’s too grainy nor too dark. Hence, it is compatible to use by any and everyone in this day and age.

It can be connected to almost every media player, gaming console, and HDMI device, for instance, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, fire stick, etc. Its response time is fast that sums up to 8.4 milliseconds with 120 Hertz in action. It is no mistake to include it in the list of the best projector for murals considering all the outstanding benefits one can reap with its purchase.

  • Easy installation
  • Comparatively longer lamp life
  • Beautiful, bright, and colourful image production
  • Appreciably fast response time
  • Promised enjoyment with a true 3D content
  • Low input lag
  • There are some default problems in both SDR and HDR content.
  • Not much compatible with other devices such as Alexa
  • Distorted sound issues at times

4.BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector

Key Features

  • Perfectly compatible for sports and gaming
  • Cinema master audio+2 audiovisual
  • 3000 lumens brightness with a recording average of 709.
  • Comes with lens, manual, cord, and start guide,
  • Happy absence of light borders

Compatible for projector wall art and regarded as the best projector for murals, BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector comes with a high Native contrast ratio aiming to ensure a sharp image quality along with the best levels of black.

Are you a fan of gaming? Playing games in 4K is an amazing experience, unexplainable in words. With Ben Q TK800M 4K UHD projector, play your favourite console games in 4k picture quality with minimal lag. This makes gaming more fun and exciting on any device, whether PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.

An ardent lover of sports? Never skip a match or any sports event with your personal TK800M projector packed with an outstanding brightness of 3000 lumens. This is sure to end up giving you a living room addition! Not only such features, but it also includes various components such as lens, manual and starts guide, cord, etc.

  • Crystal clear image with 3000 lumens of brightness.
  • 4K projection technology
  • 8.3 million pixels perfection with HDR quality content.
  • The mounting type of the projector is ceiling mount.
  • The hardware interface used here is HDMI
  • Presence of 18 GDPS HDMI
  • It is highly expensive and out of the buyer’s budget.
  • No lens shift available here.

5.ViewSonic True 4K UHD Projector

Key Features

  • Four corner adjustments.
  • 3200 ANSI lumens of brightness.
  • The colour contrast gives a cinematic feeling with super colour technology.
  • HDR support

Being HDR-compatible, the ViewSonic True UHD projector is considered the best projector for murals by many people today. In addition, it is known for its immersive 4K ultra high definition technology resolution, producing colourful and theatre-like images in the comfort of your own home in any possible environment.

ViewSonic True 4K UHD Projector, though at times, makes whites turn yellow with lowered brightness levels. It has gained immense popularity among the society for its 3200 lumens brightness packed up with a high contest ratio to suit consumer needs.

This helps you enjoy in lighted places and create memories in darker environments along with your friends and family. Moreover, it is considered the best projector for artists with its unique ability to intensify everything one desires to watch.

Are you a football lover? Believer of enjoying live-streamed sporting events? Binge-watching Netflix tagged along with your bae, friends, or family? Then, ViewSonic True 4k UHD Projector is what you should go with. It has a horizontal and vertical correction corner adjustment which perfectly eliminates crooked and blurry images.

  • High resolution with 8.3 million pixels
  • 240-hertz refresh rate
  • The energy-saving lamp life can extend up to 20,000 hours
  • Easily operative and flexible setup
  • Prodigious screen size with minimal cost
  • 3-year warranty
  • It has oversaturated colours present in different nodes of projection while projecting.
  • Absence of 3-dimensional technology

6.Nebula by Anker Mars II Projector

Key Features

  • 10 watts audio with deep, resonant bass
  • Plug and play feature from HDMI and USB devices including laptops
  • 500 ANSI lumens at an average pixel of 720p for clear quality.

Nebula by Anker Mars is a portable projector used for many purposes such as home entertainment, movie projector and TV projector. It is used as the best projector for drawing on wall purposes.

With an option of automatic focus adjustment, Nebula by Anker Mars II Projector comes out as the best projector for murals with its 100% offset.

The presence of DLP IntelliBright technology helps in projecting a brightly radiant 500-ANSI-lumen image for you. This comes out to give a mind-blowing, breath-taking clarity of videos and images projected on the screen.

It can expand your entertainment level with an ability to plug in USB 2.0 and HDMI devices, say, for instance, laptops, Xbox One, PlayStations, and so many more. In addition, it is an ideal projector for drawing on walls with impressive projection ability and helps the younger generation be engrossed with projected rhymes and songs.

Nebula by Ankers Mars II Projector is uniquely designed for watching all your favourites, whether motivational or educational or funny videos and vines on YouTube or movies and series on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  • Android version 7.1
  • It has an immersive stereo effect sound.
  • The wattage extends up to 57 watts.
  • Presence of both horizontal and vertical keystone
  • Cinematic and perfect sound quality
  • Ability to be controlled through a phone
  • Immense compatibility with other devices
  • It does not contain a google play store feature which makes it slightly difficult.
  • Shallow mounting hole

7.Epson 2250 Full HD 1080p Projector

Key Features

  • HDMI hardware interface
  • 2700 lumens brightness
  • Easy Voice control and remote control feature.
  • The dynamic contrast ratio is an average of 70,000:1 for clear detail specs even in dark scenes.
  • Built-in android TV feature

With an evident presence of a built-in lens shift at a vertical angle, Epson 2250 Full HD 1080p Projector is beyond the shadow of a doubt the best projector for murals, presented with a useful throw ratio compiled with a plethora of zoom and vertical lens shift.

It is compact and comes tagged along with an android TV stick, which, sadly, cannot be replaced. It offers a reliable workplace to Netflix, Prime, Wi-Fi, etc.

Epson 2250 projector enjoys the presence of fascinating graphics for gaming and watching movies. Moreover, it can easily work with Apple devices such as an Apple TV, home pod speakers, etc.

It might produce sounds on the cinema mode because of a vigorous fan; it is good to go with other modes such as eco mode at an average usage level.

  • Powered by Android TV with ultra-bright pictures.
  • Contains the home cinema 2250
  • It has additional colour modes which can be adjusted as per our choice.
  • Easy setup process
  • An amazing display of blacks and whites on your screen
  • Full HD picture quality
  • It contains certain lagging in colour brightness and input.
  • Unusable Bluetooth connection

As we have reviewed the 10 best projectors for murals, it’s time to dive into its buying guide to understand the factors that make any projector perfect for murals.

Buying Guide: Factors to be considered before buying Mural Projectors (H2)

Here are the features you should look into a projector to ensure that it is best for Murals:


A projector with a higher resolution of 4K produces a crisp image with in-depth detailing. As there are lot more projectors in every inch, the sharper images help you to draw with intricate details. So, avoid picking up a generic projector with big pixels that will not be able to help in tracing the finer details.

The average size of murals you make is directly related to the resolution of the projector you require. For smaller screens, a low-resolution projector can work. But, if you have fairly large screens, you need to get hold of a 4K or HD resolution projector to ensure sharp images.


Moving around to different locations is common for the artists. Hence, a projector that is compact and portable is recommended to facilitate easy handling. It should not take much space and comes with a sophisticated design that helps you to lift it easily. Also, avoid heavy-weight projectors as they are difficult to take along at distant places.


As most of the artist work in ambient light conditions, the lumens of a projector play important role in projecting the clear image. Choosing a cheap projector will not make it worthwhile for outdoor purposes in the daytime. A versatile projector that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes should have lumens above 3000.


With multiple wired connections, you can easily connect your projector to any required source without any glitch. From laptops to PCs, smartphones, tablets to any other device, a projector with multiple ports can be easily connected. If your projector comes with wireless connectivity as well, this will certainly be the ‘cheery on the cake’. You don’t need to be entangled in wires while connecting it to the required device every time. Ensure a quick connection by pairing it with Bluetooth connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mural artists use projectors?

To help the artists at the various stages of painting and save their time on making grids, mural projectors help the artists to begin with their artwork by laying basic shapes in the right proportions.

How do I choose a good art projector?

The brightness and size of the workspace are largely considered while choosing the best projector for the mural. The size of the canvas also makes a significant impact. If you are working under ambient lighting conditions, you need a strong projector with powerful images.

What type of murals requires a projector?

For beginners, mural projectors are the best way to begin. For lineart painting involving a lot of pattern and lines ease with the mural projectors to draw correct wall image. Also, lettering is a complex form of art that can go best with projector murals.


With more and more artists using projectors as a part of their art flow, various styles of mural projectors are in demand from different art styles. Especially working on uneven surfaces, these projectors are of great help. If you are a beginner or working on complicated designs, mural projectors can ease your task.

People pursuing murals as hobby, these projectors helps them in building confidence by producing better results.

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