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BenQ TH585 Projector Review 2022 [Updated]: Check Expert Views

According to Business World,BenQ 4K projectors claimed 53% of market share in Q2,2020, claiming its stand at No.1

Claimed to be the BenQ’s low-cost 1080p Projector. BenQ TH585 is one of the successful lines of home projectors that any homeowner can bet on. Listed among the successful home entertainment models, BenQ TH585 is designed to be versatile – for watching movies, For enjoying TV and for playing games as well. It is one of the best projectors under $700.


It is the right deal if you look for a reliable home theatre under ambient lighting conditions.

Do you know why it is a good gaming projector?

Well, due to its low input lag. So, you are set to steal a few microseconds from reaction time. It successfully maintains the shadow details to lurk the rewards and dangers.

If you are curious to explore BenQTH585, you are at the right spot! Let’s review this Home entertainment projector in detail as follows:

What Else do You Get for a Reasonable Price?

I found this as one of the best projectors in this price range, and it offers the added benefit of high brightness, more vibrant yellow than most DLP projectors. Built around the DLP Chip of 1920 X 1200 pixels, this projector can give 1080p native resolution.

Featuring 3500 ANSI lumens, the white segment of BenQ TH585 delivers brighter images compared to the other identical projectors. Due to this notable feature, i found this projector appropriate to provide images in the brighter room.

Mounting and Placement of BenQ THQ585

Benq th585 projector mounting on ceiling

It comes with an easy mount, or you can place it wherever you wish to. You might experience some projection offset once you are setting it up. Don’t worry. Use the remote control’s digital lens shift feature to make the required corrections.

Fast and Bright on a Reasonable Budget

Benq th585 projector review

When I talk about brightness, I generally consider ANSI. For BenQ TH585, ANSI 3500 is quite an impressive feature that makes it a safe bet for brighter zones in your home. And if we talk about nits, the projector reaches 1000/500 nits. It is at par with the most expensive TV in the markets with 800-1000 nits.

It is a bit struggling for the projector to present clear and sharp images under ambient lighting conditions. I recommend choosing a darkened room if you look for acute brightness with real picture quality. Overall, it is an excellent projector under $600.

Want to Know the Difference Between Lumens Vs Lux?

Sound Quality

The built-in 10W mono-speaker can easily reach up to 70dB. If you are using it under normal circumstances, it can suffice your requirements easily. However, if you are looking for a surround sound effect, we recommend using an external sound system.

Contrast Ratio

Benq th585 projector projection quality

A contrast ratio is a number that represents how well black appears on the screen when compared to white. It helps you determine how much detail you can see in shadows, as well as how bright your blacks will be.

This number also reflects how true blacks will appear on the screen, contributing to overall picture quality.

Higher contrast means more realistic blacks, brighter whites, and better shadow detail. BenQ TH585 has a 10000:1 contrast ratio. This project offers value for money.

BenQ TH585 Key Specification

One of the primary reasons people are on the lookout for a home projector is to enjoy a big-screen movie experience. Hence, instead of big-screen entertainment focusing on 4K resolution, this projector is an ideal pick for families looking for large-screen projections.

Setting Up and Using The TH585

Benq th585 projector (1)

Weighing at just 6.15 lbs, this projector is compact and lightweight to handle. It comes with the measurement of 4.3X 12.3X 8.9. Ports like VGA, HDMI, HML improve its connectivity with other devices.

With its 1.1 zooms, you receive good flexibility with its placement. Consider the vertical keystone @ +/- 30 degrees after adjusting the shift to square off the image. And, you are good to go!

Set up this projector at the 90-inch image with 10.5 feet distance to get an excellent image quality. For a 1080p resolution, the image details are appropriate with realistic colours in most picture modes.

Gaming with Low Input Lag

Benq th585 projector review (2)

With its 16ms response time, this projector is promising for console gaming on its gaming mode. However, it also costs you a decrease in lamp life rating at 15000 hours in LampSave mode. If you run it in SmartEco mode, it is rated at 8000 hours.

For Party games, action games, role-playing games, and sports games, this projector deliver stunning graphics combined with 3500 lumens brightness for a satisfying experience. You can transform it from a gaming console to a blue-ray player with its multi-source entertainment.

Various Modes on BenQ TH585

There is a five-mode set-up available in the projector, which works at par with the expectations as follows:

Game Mode

The low-input lag latency makes it a good choice for avid gamers. It maintains the sense of three-dimensionality along with the best contrast in the dark scenes to elevate your gaming experience.

On Projector Settings

Like most DLP projectors, BenQ TH585 offer a brilliant colour setting. By lowering the brightness each step, you get an increased colour accuracy. You can easily adjust the saturation and gain separately with its colour management system.

Cinema Mode

Benq th585 projector cinema mode

By far, it is one of the most convincing reasons to buy BenQ TH585 as it provides brilliant colour accuracy. With its subtle gradations of rounded objects, this projector successfully offers a three-dimensional effect.

Customer Review

This projector received an incredible rating of 4.5  out of 5 on Amazon projecting its high-satisfaction rate among the users. One of the customer posted, ‘This is an amazing projector at the given price. The project is clear and bright during night time. Inspite of using in the rooms with windows, i found higher brightness than what it claims. I am glad that i skipped the other costly projectors’. Other customer mentioned, ‘ 1080p is legit with very sharp and great pictures. 3300 lumens are significantly. Picture quality is excellent. Remote works well.”

Living Room Mode

This mode is slightly brighter as compared to the cinema mode. However, you cannot expect this projector to deliver high-quality images under ambient lighting conditions. You can expect detailed images with the required colour accuracy if the lights are dim.

Verdict: BenQ TH585, An Entry-level powerful home theatre

If you are looking for a projector to elevate your home theatre experience. You get the reasonable brightness and efficiency to handle fast-paced action with its low latency rate. Coming to its brightness level, it has sufficient brightness to deliver quality images in darker environments.

For a given price, it is an excellent entry-level home theatre projector for watching movies and playing games.

What I like About BenQ TH595:

  • Low input latency
  • Great contrast and brightness
  • low input latency at gaming mode

What I don’t Like About BenQ TH595:

  • The deepest blacks are not up to the mark.

Overall, it is a reasonably priced projector that gives you a desirable home cinema and ultimate gaming experience without burning holes in your pocket.




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