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Epson EX3280 Detailed Projector Review & Personal Experience

With the projected annual growth by 1.03% (CAGR 2022-2026), the demand for the projectors is growing by leap and bounds!

If you are looking for a bright projector that can stand against ambient lighting, Epson ex3280 is an excellent choice. With its vibrant colors and crisp images, this is appropriate for watching movies, and it is a great mid-range projector suitable for mid-size rooms.

I found this projector as compact. Also, it makes an effortlessly captivating display even in bright room conditions with superior image quality. What i loved about this projector – a split-screen option to show the images from two sources.

So, let’s explore more in my detailed Epson ex3280 projector review to know what this projector has for you and how it is counted as one of the best projectors under $600 for 2022:


Epson ex3280 Projector Review (1)


Like several Epson projectors,  I found Epson EX3280 3LCD XGA Projector as a portable light gun with optimum light output. According to modern technology, the projector’s XGA resolution (1,024-by 706) is shallow, and it is enough for a document’s readability and scalability. However, it can show a picture of two sources at once with good projection quality – which is certainly a plus!

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This 3LCD projector provides an excellent rainbow-artefact-free image in nearly any location. With its HDMI port, I am able to easily connect it to streaming devices. The contrast ratio of 15000:1 makes it a good choice for me as I like detailed images and videos.

At 3600 lumens, I expereinced excellent brightness with an outstanding white brightness rating. Weighing at just 5.2 pounds, it is inarguably a highly portable projector. It is compact enough to fit in tight spaces. Coming to its dimension of 11.9 by 9.3 by 3.2 inches, i found it compact enough to go well with my congested room interior.

You may find other projectors in the market which are lighter, yet the Epson EX3280 3LCD XGA projector is compact when it comes to delivering big images for mid-size rooms with ambient lighting.

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By accepting the 4K content, it allows easy Zoom Video conferencing. The 2-watt integrated  mono speaker offered good sound quality for my small room. It comes with 1-year limited warranty with free technical phone support.

Suitable Sharpness, Vibrant Color, Watchable Video

Epson ex3280 Projector Review

The five colour modes provide clear images for high picture quality and striking colors for graphics. However, these differences are even more critical for presentations with photorealism pictures or videos or longer videos or movies.

An inverse yellow-green tendency characterizes dynamic. It is much less visible than a green bias typical of all the brightest modes of projectors which is easily visible in most bright greys.

The modes show a dark grey background instead of a black in dark rooms. The direct sound quality of this projector is reasonable for the audience. However, if you are looking for better sound quality or higher volume, consider attaching the external sound system with high speaker quality for a surround sound effect.

It does an excellent job for movie night outdoors and is suitable for large video conference rooms.

Easy Setup But Limited Connections

Epson ex3280 Projector

Setting up the Epson EX3280 3LCD XGA projector requires more than just locating its position. Just find the right place to locate, plug in the power cord and video cable. Voila! It is just ready to go!

The projector offers a digital zoom setting that you should avoid due to its potential impact on scales and reducing brightness. Any digital zoom setting that produces smaller-than-full-size photos also blocks the light.

The connection options with the Epson ex 3280 3lcd XGA projector are low. It comes with an HDMI port to connect with various streaming devices.

The virtues of 3LCD and the limits of XGA

Epson ex3280 Projector review

The 3LCD design of the EX3280 XGA Projector guarantees a rainbow-artefact-free image and matched color compared to the similar 3LCD projectors from Epson like Epson Pro EX10000 and Epson Pro EX9240. However, its lower resolution than the rest of the 3LCD Epson projectors is a significant difference.

All the three projectors mentioned here belong to the company’s portable business line. But the lower resolution of Epson EX 3280 limits the detailing and is thus not meant for presentations with small fonts or detailed inline graphics.

However, when it comes to large fonts, the resolution of this projector works fine.

Aspect ratio

With an aspect ratio of 4:3, you get a distorted image of 16:9. You can find the black bars below and above the image if you set it to fill the screen. If you try to fit the aspect ratio of 16:9 in a 4:3 display, the height of the image will be reduced considerably.

It also impacts the readability adversely, and there is also an adverse impact on its adequate brightness.

Customer Review

With the ratings of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, this projector has bagged many positive reviews from customers. People bought this projector as an alternative to a conventional TV and are highly satisfied with the purchase. They find it a great value for money. One customer mentioned ‘ the direct sound quality from this projector is sufficient for most of the cases. It saves lot of space as it can easily sit on bookshelf easily’.

Another happy customer mentioned, ‘ super happy with this projection for the brightness it offers at the given resolution. It is a successful buying for a business use’.

What Does Epson Ex3280 offer in all?

Designed for small, light use, it can project almost anything. It has three inputs, HDMI, VGA and USB-C, and the projector has bright colors with good contrast. Unquestionably, it is the best choice for your home theatre entertainment in your budget.

Epson ex3280 3 LCD XGA resolution projector comes with crisp XGA resolution, impressive brightness, good quality, high portability, and easy setup – all of which make it one of the best home theatre projectors for any space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Epson EX3280 have Bluetooth?

No, it does not come with Bluetooth support. With its three ports as HDMI 1.0, VGA, and USB port, it gives you ample connectivity options.

What is the newest Epson projector?

Epson EB-425W Projector White, Epson EH-TW570 Projector (Black), Epson Home Cinema 4010 ‘Pro-UHD, and EPSON EB-S03 LCD Business Projector (800 x 600) are some of the newest Epson projectors that are steller additions to any specific requirement.

What is the brightest Epson projector?

Epson Pro L30000UNL is claimed to be the brightest Epson projector. With its 30,000 lumens, it is a very bright unit that does a fantastic job in a fully lit room. The bright picture makes it a good choice for large conference rooms requiring big-screen images.

What resolution is XGA?

Extended Graphics Array (XGA) can deliver sharp images with less pixelation for any given screen size than SVGA counterparts. XGA contains 60% more pixels than SVGA.

Does this projector come with a remote control?

No, there is no remote control available with the Epson ex3280 LCD XGA projector.

What are the best alternatives to Epson ex3280 LCD XGA?

Some of the budgeted Epson Ex3280 LCD XGA alternatives are UNENU Native 1080P, YABER V10 5G WiFi, and YABER Pro V7 9500L. 


With its bright 3,600 lumen output, you can watch movies and play games without worrying about well-lit spaces. If you are looking for a home cinema projector that is powerful, reliable, delivers crisp images, is compact, easy to set up, and cost-effective, Epson projectors are the right choice for you.

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