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Epson Home Cinema 760 HD Detailed Review 2023

A low-cost home theatre setup is always on the wishlist of the people looking to buy the projector for the first time. While many affordable projectors are under $100, these are very basic and can project clear images under darkroom conditions.

If you are looking for a pocket projector under $400 that comes with impressive brightness output, Epson Home Cinema 760HD is a perfect choice.

In my detailed Epson Home Cinema 760HD review, I will focus on some of the distinguished advantages this projector offers, which other projectors under a similar budget lack.

But before that, let’s quickly explore the pros and cons of Epson 760HD at a glance:

Epson Home Cinema 760HD Review: Pros and Cons

Epson Home Cinema 760 HD review (1)

  • Weight at just 5.5 pounds
  • Outstanding color clarity and reproduction
  • Eco mode offers 10,000 lamp life
  • contrast ratio of 15000:1
  • High brightness output at 3300
  • Comes with only 1 HDMI port
  • No Audio Jack available

Let’s dive into the detailed review of Epson Cinema 760HD to understand what this projector has for you:

Epson Home Cinema 760HD Review

Built & Design

Epson home cinema 760HD design

If you are looking for a part-time or a value home theater, Epson Home Cinema 760HD review is the right choice. It can turn any small room into a home theater within your budget. It has been designed aesthetically to match up with some expensive projectors.

It comes with a projector lens on its from along with a heat dissipation exhaust vent. You can find a zoom ring, focus ring, and toggle for keystone correction on the top of the projector.

With a moderate weight of 5.5 pounds, this projector comes with dimensions of 12X9.3X3.2 (WxLxH) to make a portable projector. While most of the pricier projectors are made of a sturdy plastic casing, Epson 760HD is not an exception.

Even the fan noise of this projector is relatively low in Eco mode at 28 decibels. While at normal mode, the noise level raises to 37 decibels which is noticeable in a quiet room. But with the increased audio levels, it may go unnoticeable.

It is a ceiling mount projector that can be suitably mounted on your room’s ceiling.

Overall, it is a well-built projector without any gap towards its edges. However, any accidental drop from a considerable height may lead to irreversible damages.


Epson Home Cinema 760 HD resolution

The impressive resolution of this projector makes it a worthy choice at this price. While most of the budgeted projector comes with XGA resolution, this one comes with an HD resolution of 1280x 720p (although it is lower end, still it is HD). Like most Epson projectors, this one also comes with 3LCD projection technology. While most budget home theatre projectors come with DLP projection, this one is upgraded to 3LCD.


It comes with a user manual, power cord, and remote control. Being a budgeted projector, it does not have an HDMI cable either. You have to buy one from the aftermarket.


Compared to other budgeted projectors, this one is undoubtedly promising with 5-8 times more brightness. Combining its 3LCD technology, 3,300 lumens brightness offers crisp and clear images than most budgeted projectors. It is one of the best bright room projectors under budget. It works perfectly well for partial light conditions. You don’t need to control the lighting conditions of your room entirely.

Contrast Ratio

The impressive contrast ratio at 15000:1 stands as USP for this budgeted projector. Most of its counterparts develop a 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio while Epson Home Cinema 760HD stands higher in terms of picture quality and sharpness. Due to the high contrast ratio, there is clear color separation with deeper blacks and more profound white brightness.

Connectivity options

Epson home cinema 760HD Connectivity

It comes with reasonable wired connectivity options like VGA port, HDMI port, RCS audio port, Type B USB port, Type A USB port, and Composite Video port. However, this projector has no Bluetooth connectivity, limiting its usability.

You can easily connect it with streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Chromecast, blu ray or even gaming using HDMI.


Compared to several budgeted projectors in the market, this projector offers a well-rounded performance justifying its price. It comes with multiple optical lenses that sync to produce brilliant projections.

Lamp Life

Lamp life has always been a concern for the budgeted projector. As lamp replacement involves a considerable cost, the higher the lamp life, the better it is. This projector has 6000 hours of lamp life in its regular mode. Switching to Eco mode leads gives you 10,000 hours of lamp life which is satisfactory at this price point.

Built-in speaker

It comes with a 2w built-in speaker with average sound output. There is always an option to connect with wired external speakers to get the desired audio output to overcome this. However, it does not come with a 3.5 mm audio out port which is disappointing. But you can always use RCA Audio 3.5mm female adapter or RCA audio to 3.5mm cable.


Epson Home Cinema 760HD is one of the strongest contenders in the budget segment. While most of the budget projectors cannot withstand daylight, this one comes with impressive 3300 lumens to make it ideal for daytime projection. The single HDMI port can be disappointing, and the projector doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity either. Overall, it is a value for money projector.

If you want to turn any small area into a home theatre, Epson 760HD is significant to consider.

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