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How to Clean Projector Screen 2023: (Step by Step Guide)

Are you looking for the perfect way to clean your projector screen?

Well! If you encounter a blurred image, a dirty projector screen could be one of the obvious reasons. When I bought the new projector screen a few years back, I was super excited about it but didn’t know much about its cleaning. After a few months, the dust and grime deposition over my screen turned visible. I decided to clean it and rub it using a regular towel. Psst! I ended up scratching the projector screen.

After researching through the internet, I learned how to clean the projector screen perfectly without damaging it! Different projector screens need different cleaning approach.

This blog post will share the detailed steps, Dos, and Don’t while cleaning the projector screen.

So, let’s get started!

Cleaning Projector Screen with Hand

What is the right way to clean the projector screen?

Motorized Projector screens are delicate, and any mistake can lead to a damaged screen. As different screens are made up of other materials, you should refer to the manufacturer manual to understand if the cleaning method you are going to adopt is suitable or not.

For example, the Ambient Light Reflective screen should not be scrubbed heavily. It may damage the soft brushes over the screen. Use only compressor air method to clean such type of screens.

Hence, there is no specific method universally applicable for cleaning all types of projector screens.

Different ways of cleaning the projector screens:

Here are the two recommended ways to clean projector screens:

Compressed Air

Compressor air is an easy and safe way to clean the projector screen. Compressed Cans are readily available in the market, and you can buy them from the local stores.

Cleaning with Microfiber Cloth

wiping cleaning the spot (1)

Never use a towel or a washcloth to clean the projector screen. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe the screen gently. You can use a solution of water (95%) and soap (5%) if you find the screen is very dirty and there is accumulated dirt. Clean the screen from side to side using the moistened cloth.

If the soap solution is insufficient, you can use cleaning solutions like denatured alcohol. Don’t forget to dry the screen to avoid any moisture entering it.

Never use the masking tape by wrapping it around your fingers, as it may lead to scratches on your projector screen. Most manufacturers recommend not to use these masking tapes as they can damage the screen surface.

Tips on Cleaning the Projector Screen:

  1. Prefer compressed air: The compressor air method is the best bet to rely on. Avoid touching the projector screen as much as possible. The compressed can should not be closed more than 1″ from the screen.
  2. Use Gloves: Some oil on your fingertips can be left on screen while cleaning with bare hands. Especially if you have long nails, you may end up scratching the screen. Hence, gloves are your best bet.
  3. Avoid Air Drying: Never spot pat your projector screen, even with any soft towel.
  4. Never Use any Harsh Chemicals: The corrosive chemicals can ruin the screen reflection, and you should avoid it strictly. Always use a mild water solution (95%) and soap (5%). If you are dealing with Vinyl surfaces, use denatured alcohol.
  5. Use Microfiber Cloth: Always use a lint-free microfiber cloth or any other soft cloth to avoid any scratching on your screen.
  6. Avoid abrasive sponge: You should not use hard sponges and brushes while cleaning as it will lead to scratches and even screen damage.
  7. Clean frequently: As soon as you find the screen dirty, you should clean it away to avoid any stubborn stains.

Cleaning of Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

cleaning projector screen with spray

The unique construction of ALR screens makes them an excellent addition to any home theatre. It also needs special care while cleaning—the microscopic teeth angled in a unique way to reflect the projector light. If you will rub the surface of the ALR screen with a cloth, you will end up damaging the screen.
Hence compressed air is the best way to clean the Ambient Light Reflecting Screens to avoid such damage. Alternatively, if you want to clean it using a microfiber cloth, always wipe gently from left to right in a horizontal motion. Never scrub on a circular motion on such screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the stubborn stains from my projector screen?

For stubborn stains, denatured alcohol is beneficial. Never soak the screen into alcohol as it may damage the screen. Instead, add alcohol at the tiny tip of the microfiber and rub it gently on the stained screen.

How often should I Clean my projector?

You must clean your projector gently after every three months. You can consider the deep cleaning once every year.

Can You Bleach a Projector Screen?

Bleach causes damage to your projector screen, so you should avoid it at all costs. If you must use something to clean the surface of your device, make sure that whatever chemical you’re using is specifically for projector screens like denaured alcohol.

Is it safe to use water to clean my projector screen?

Yes, it is safe to use water to clean the projector screen. But, you must wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth after that to avoid any moisture retention.


Most projector screens are high-quality screens that do not require cleaning often. However, you should clean your skin periodically or notice it to be dusty to maintain the image quality. A crystal clear image depends on how clean your projector lens is and a projector screen.

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