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15 Best Things You Can Do with Your Projector in 2023

A projector has become a prized possession for its numerable uses. While home cinema, office presentations, and playing video games are some of the conventional uses of the projector which it is famous for, today projectors are widely used for unconventional uses such as murals, bedtime stories, pool parties, and festive decorations.

If you own a projector and are still confined to its traditional uses, this article will help you to make the most out of it. From upgrading your lifestyle to tweaking your creative side, a projector has a lot more scope than you believe.

15 Best Things You Can Do with Your Projector

Let’ explore the various ways of using a projector that can add a fun element to your life:

Watching Movies

The most common/frequent use of a projector is to employ it for cinematic experience at your home. Projectors are highly marketed as a home theatre system and a cost-effective replacement of an HDTV. With a screen projection as big as 300″, watching a movie on such a large screen has its fun. As it comes with advanced connectivity options, connecting it with your smartphone or television to project satisfying big images at the wide walls of your house is satisfying.

From binge-watching shows to immersive movie-watching experiences, a projector is a real retreat that gives you a theatre-like experience at the comfort of your home.

Bedtime Storytelling

If you share a story-time routine with your kids, a projector can make a huge difference.  If your growing kids have started losing interest in these stories, a portable projector could help largely. Once you are done with your movie watching, you can transport this projector to the kids’ room for an interesting storytelling session. Your kids will love the idea of animated stories projected on the big screen.

Playing Video Games

There are projectors specifically designed keeping in mind the low latency rate and higher output to make them ideal for gaming purposes. Compared to any HDTV, projectors are still cheaper and yet delightful to try. Especially when it comes to immersive 4K Ultra HD games, best gaming projectors outperform a regular HDTV at the fraction of its cost.

As the projectors are capable to deliver large images of up to 300″, these projectors are the best way to translate 4ks Ultra HD games a million pixels. There are projectors in the market with passive and active 3D properties.

Mural Printing

A big and lonely wall always inspires you to try your hand at murals but you are puzzled about where to start? If this is the case, a projector could be of great help. Simply project the desired mural image and draw it along to showcase your artistic skills to the world. Just choose a picture and project it, this DIY project is the best way to upgrade your creativity and present your self-expression.

Enjoying Live Events like New Year Fireworks

The excitement to witness the firework on New Year’s eve holds the people outside their homes in the chilling cold. If you are a host and invited several guests to your place on New Year’s eve, using a projector to display the fireworks outside is the best way to escape the winter chill amidst your celebration. Enjoy a live stream on your projector at the comfort of your couch with a life-sized view.

Business Meeting and Presentations

The clear and large image projection by a projector attracts the interest of boardroom executives and makes your presentation impressive. Earlier, pen and a whiteboard were the main source of presenting business ideas and proposals. Today, Projectors replace those whiteboard with Powerpoint presentations. Moreover, projectors are also designed for office presentations owing to the incredible clarity of textual presentations.

Recipe Projection

You are fond of cooking and keep on trying new recipes. However, keeping track of recipe on your smartphone is a difficult task. But projecting the recipe on your kitchen wall using a mini iPad projector is an exciting idea to keep pace with the directions given in the recipe. No worries about grabbing a mobile phone with flour-covered hands, as a large screen projection helps you to get through the recipe perfectly without any hard-to-clean smudged anywhere.

Art Projection

If you are an artist, you understand the importance of the right display to make a significant difference. Projecting your favourite masterpiece using a projector has its charm. Whether it is a good evening spend with your friends or a formal dinner with relatives, you would not mind leaving any chance of displaying your exquisite artwork with this handy tool.

A Musical Light Show

Now create a perfect laser show for your parties by using a projector. It’s simple and easy via Musicbeam – an open-source software. You can adjust every detailed performance to this sound-triggered music beam. Just download it on your laptop and choose the free shows as Snowstorm or Moonflower and connect it with your laptop. You must ty to have a glitch-free experience.

Create Imaginary Bed Themes

If you are jostling with insomnia, a projector could help you to sleep better. How? Well mount your projector on the bedroom ceiling and choose an imaginary bed theme to watch while lying on the bed. Creating such themes over your ceiling soothes your mind and helps you to sleep fast.

Projector in Restaurants

There are several ways to upscale the ambiance of your restaurant or lounge bar and a projector could be one of the impressive ways in all. From menu projection in a restaurant to entertaining acts like dance and music in lounge bars, projectors are an impressive way to attract customers. Moreover, projecting ‘today’s special’ on the menu is a good idea that let you escape from re-printing the menu every day.

Smartphone Monitor

If working on the small screen of your smartphone irritates you, the projector is the best alternative to count on. Most of the projectors are compatible to connect with smartphones. Say goodbye to the small mobile screens as you have a large screen projector to enjoy.

Games for Parties

Share your fun of gaming with your friends and replace your laptops and pads with a projector to double-it-up. Trivia club, book club and quiz offer an opportunity to invite over your friends and play digital games. How about creating an outdoor tournament and inviting over your loved ones to play. Projecting video clips and creating teams to answer is another joyous way to have a good time with friends and family.

Festive Decorations

Projectors are an impressive way to dive into festive spirits with a life-size display. You can easily create customize decorations using a projector in your business or neighborhood. For Christmas, a vibrant Christmas tree with a Christmas carol on a projector can create a mesmerizing effect. Get the zombies and pumpkin alive at your house outside by using a projector at rear projection mode on a Halloween night.

Imbibe Ocean Vibes to Your Pool Party

A summer pool party is everyone’s favorite. What about stretching it too late by bringing the ocean home via projector? Yes, when the sun goes down, you can still keep the fun up by displaying the tropical fish, dolphin, and coral reefs just beside your pool to create a mesmerizing effect. Don’t forget to add portable speakers for an alluring sound effect to make your pool party remarkable.

Ease Your Zoom Meetings

When there are so many people in a zoom meeting, discerning each face is difficult over your PC or laptop. There could be glitches even with a fast data connection and high-resolution monitor. You can ease yourself by connecting with a projector to take your video conferencing to a larger screen.

Aids to Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a difficult ye prevalent trend that needs a flexible approach to communication. Replacing the chalk and whiteboard with a projector can add an element of fun by introducing videos, animation and other project ideas to display. Educational programming is best at the big screen projection indeed.


Most modern projectors can connect with myriad devices. So, there is no dearth of creative ideas that you can put these projectors use to. These DIY projects are not only interesting but the results they produce are impressive as well. Home theatre, office presentations and gaming purpose are some conventional uses. But, today projectors are used in distinctive projectors like mural painting,  festive decoration and even viewing recipes.

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