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Are Projectors Good for Gaming 2023 [Updated]: You Need To Know

With technology touching our lives in every way, avid gamers are no more required to stick to small screens of TV and laptops. A projector is capable of delivering an ultimate movie watching experience and this implies immersive gaming sessions too!

Who doesn’t want to throw themselves on their couches and enjoy an intense gaming session with their buddies over a big screen? It has always been debatable – Projector Vs. TV – which is better for gaming. When it comes to gaming on consoles, TV is the first mode of preference.

But if you are looking up for a really big screen, TV is not only an expensive proposition but also has a limit of less than 100″. Moreover, these TVs are not portable as most of the projectors are. The advanced gaming projectors are designed to be made all-way capable of gaming requirements. From FPS to input lag, refresh rate, resolution, and latency, every minute detail is into account to curate the best projectors for gaming.

Let’s dive in deep to understand – Are projectors good for gaming?

Input lag

Most of the budgeted TV offer a pathetic input lag of 30ms. It harms gaming. The gaming mode in most dedicated TV suffers from low input lag. But you can find many projectors for gaming that come with a low input lag at 8ms. These numbers are impressive enough for a responsive gaming session

Gaming Modes

When invented, the projectors were mainly for the simple light throwers and rich people. Today, modern projectors are devised and tested carefully by engineers for specific game styles. You can find the best projectors for specific games adapted to their style to ensure smooth gameplay. Dedicated Gaming modes are embedded in most of the projectors to ensure clear visuals, low input lag, and minimal latency.

Short Throw Away

If you are wondering how to accommodate a gaming projector in your small room, this again! The are various pocket-sized or pico projectors that come with very short throw distance.

Cost Per inch

There is no debate on the fact that the projection size of a TV is always limited to under 100″. But buying a reliable projection fetches you a projection size as big as up to 300”. If money is not a consideration for you, investing in expensive TV over some of the budgeted projectors with impressive features at a fraction of price, will not make a difference to you.


While an average TV weight at 45 lbs, you can find several best projectors for iPad and iPhone which are highly portable. These Pico projectors are palm-sized and can be ported easily from one place to another. The average weight of a TV is six times more than the average weight of a projector.

The lower the input lag, the higher the projector is compatible for gaming. You may find many best projectors for gaming that come with lower input lag.


Modern projectors are designed sturdy to make them ready for everyday use. Projectors are built strategically for long-term use. High-quality components ensure a long life for the projector. The latest 4LED technology in projectors ensures no colour fading and no diminishing of the light source.

Do projectors have Lag?

In the world of gaming, input lag is an important term. From laptops to projectors, avid gamers always assess the input lap before finalizing any gadget for their gameplay. Input lag for projectors is defined as the time frame between the signal sent put by the gaming system and received by the projector. It is generally measured in milliseconds.

Can I play PS5 on the projector?

Yes, you can derive an ultimate experience by playing PS5 on your high-end projector. Simply Plug both ends of the UHD HDMI cable into your PS5 and projector respectively. The plug and play feature of HDMI allow it to play smoothly even without the hassle of turning the PS5 off first.


Regardless of the use of a projector, the aim should be maximising the performance of a gaming projector by using the projector native resolution and connecting it directly to the projector.  With abundant best projectors for gaming are available, making a comparison is worthy to pick the best deal.

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