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Viewsonic PX706hd vs BenQ HT2150ST [Updated] 2022: Comparison

BenQ and ViewSonic is a global company that manufactures innovative electronic devices. They have intense competing rivalries with both monitors and projection equipment. They offer value goods catering specifically to the consumer.

Many product lines clash with similar price ranges, thus confusing buyers like you. BenQ is well known for introducing the best short throw projectors, while Viewsonic also manufactures competitive projectors.

Coming to Viewsonic PX706HD Vs BenQHT2150ST, both are the flagship short-throw projectors from respective companies.

In my detailed analysis, I found BenQHT2150St, a power-packed projector with features like seven preset picture modes, including gaming mode and the natural-looking picture quality in Cinema mode, powerful audio, ceiling mount option. Hence, it is one of the best projectors under $1000.

It is a unanimous choice for anyone looking for a value for money projector.

Short throw projectors are usually purchased for small or large spaces where the standard projector fails.

Because short-throw projects a shorter distance of 3 feet to 8 feet between projector and screen, the viewer does not need a constant interruption during movies.

If you are still not convinced that BenQHT2150St supersedes in features compared to Viewsonic PX706hd despite having a low contrast ratio, this detailed review on Viewsonic PX706hd vs BenQ HT2150st will help.

Let’s compare ViewSonic PX736HD vs BenQ HTS2220ST:


ViewSonic PX706HD is a compact short-throw projector that can easily fit into your crowded space. Owning its most basic design, this projector is priced reasonably to fit into stringent budgets. It comes with a sturdy plastic casing with a dimension of 4.5 x 11.5 x 8.7 inches (HxWxD).

On the other hand, BenQ HT2150ST  comes with aesthetic trapezoidal looks and is slightly bigger than its counterpart Viewsonic. With a 4.8 x 15 x 11 inches (HxWxD) measurement, you need more space to accommodate this bulky projector. This curvy projector comes along with a carry case to support enhanced portability.

In BenQ HT2150ST, you can find the navigational keys, menu button, source selection keys, and power button within the top-mounted key panel. However, ViewSonic PX706HD  comes with a more interactive design consisting of a color mode selection key and blank key along with all the keys BenQ has. Hence, it is much easier to control even in the absence of a dedicated remote control.

If I talk about the looks,  BenQ HT2150ST indeed takes the lead.

Contrast Ratio

BenQ HT2150ST  comes with a dynamic contrast range of 15000:1. But as it is struck with lower 2200 lumens, you can not expect much bright image at par with any gaming projector. Hence gaming in the daytime with ambient light is problematic with this projector.

ViewSonic PX706HD comes with a dynamic contrast ratio of 22.000:1. But you can expect more color accuracy at 3000 lumens making it the best projector for bright rooms.

Audio Output

PX706HD comes with a 5W mono speaker, while BenQ HT2150ST takes the lead by offering 10W X 2 chamber speakers to support the impressive sound system. It would help if you considered the dedicated external speaker system to suffice the larger rooms.


The brightness of a projector plays a crucial role in delivering clear images. Especially when it comes to short-throw gaming projectors, brightness matters. While both the projectors come with 240W lamps, there is a significant difference in their brightness output. WHile PX706HD comes with the ability to project 3000 ANSI lumens, BenQ HT2150ST offers the images at 2200 ANSI lumen. Thus, you can see that there is a considerable difference in terms of their brightness, with PX706HD taking the lead.

BenQ HT2150ST  is primarily targeted as the Home theatre, and even the low brightness ensures that the picture is not washed out.

Both projectors come with 1920 x 1080 pixels with Full HD resolution.


HT2150ST comes with the connectivity option as one mini USB port, 3.5mm 12v DC trigger, RS232 DB-9 pin port, 3.5mm Audio Out port, 3.5mm Audio in, and two IR receivers. On the other hand, PX706HD is provided with a USB Type-C port, 2 HDMI ports, one mini USB port, VGA in, 3.5 mm Audio in, 3.5 mm Audio out, and one RS232.

There is no wireless connectivity available with both the projectors.


PX706HD is a short-throw projector that delivers images up to 120″ within a short distance of 7.2 ft.  Hence the projector is capable of casting vibrant and color-accurate images from a short distance. While BenQ HT2150ST can project an image of 100″ with a minimum distance of 8 feet which the former can projector in a short distance as 4.5 ft. If you are looking for best projector for Golf Simulator, consider short throw projector.

Lamp Life

ViewSonic PX706HD takes the lead with its lamp life up to 15,000 hours. It comes with Eco Mode and Normal Mode to choose from. HT2150ST comes with an average lamp life of 4000 hours and comes with three lamp modes as normal mode (3500), Eco Mode (5000), and Smart Mode (7000). HT2150ST takes the lead in terms of lamp life.

It is worth noting that both the projectors come with 240W DLP projection.


If you are looking for a portable projector, as you often need to take it along to your business conferences and meetings, PX706HD is an excellent choice. Weighing less than 6 pounds, it is a lightweight short-throw projector that can deliver the best gaming and home theatres experience.

BenQ HT2150ST, on the other hand, weighs around 8 pounds owing to its prominent in-built speakers. If you need a powerful sound, the additional weight of 2 pounds is not much bothering.

Other Features

BenQ HT2150ST comes with essential features like ISF Day/Night mode to adjust its projections as per the surrounding conditions. WIth further Cinema Master Audio+ functionality, BenQ short throw projector elevates your gaming experience under ambient light during the day. It is also equipped with a 3D compatibility mode for an immersive gaming experience.

Pros and Cons of Viewsonic PX706HD

Viewsonic PX706HD Projector

  • Compelling design to fit into sophisticated room interior
  • More connectivity options than its counterparts
  • 2 x 10w speaker chamber for good audio quality
  • Short throw lens enables huge image with just a few inches distance
  • A bulky projector due to prominent speakers within


Pros & Cons of BenQ HT2150ST

BenQ HT2150ST Projector

  • Short Throw projection makes it ideal for small rooms
  • It comes with >95% color accuracy
  • High contrast ratio of 22000: 1
  • Good brightness at 3000 lumens
  • 6x RGBRGB color wheel for the minimum rainbow effect
  • Keystone correction up to 20 degrees
  • Not able to support 3D projections


If you are looking for a feature-rich projector, I recommend BenQ HT2150ST over ViewSonic PX706HD. The former is devised to deliver the best in-projector experience. However, if you are looking for a compact projector, consider ViewSonic PX706HD. While BenQ provides an immersive audio quality, Viewsonic takes the lead with better projection quality.

If you are looking for a gaming projector, ViewSonic PX706HD is the deal. But if you are looking for a reliable home theatre projection, BenQ HT2150ST will not disappoint you.

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